Personalized Estate Design

It’s your wealth.

It’s your family.

  • What do you want your wealth to do for your family?
  • Will the family wealth benefit, or harm, the intended recipient?
  • What do I want to accomplish with my estate?
  • What do I need to guard against?

Answers to questions like these significantly impact how your estate should be structured.

Through my Personalized Estate Design℠ process I take the time to understand the uniqueness of you, and your family. Your goals, dreams and desires, as well as the cares and concerns you have for those you love.

The result . . . a Personalized Estate Design℠ which serves as your blueprint for how your estate should be structured.

To ensure your Personalized Estate Design℠ is properly put in place, I also oversee the drafting process by collaboratively working with the estate attorney of your choosing. 

In summary, your Personalized Estate Design℠ provides a customized estate plan which is uniquely suited for you, and your family.

It’s your family. It’s your wealth. You have a lot at stake. With a Personalized Estate Design℠, you now can have an estate plan specifically tailored to you.