Family Philanthropy

At Stewardship Counsel, we believe the family’s foundation can be used for much more than just grant making.  Through the thoughtful and intentional engagement of family, the family foundation can serve as an effective forum for the establishment and continuity of the values and traditions important to you while also playing a significant role in preparing subsequent generations to be responsible stewards of the family wealth.

For example, the family’s foundation can . . .

  • Serve as an avenue for learning:
    • Board Governance;
    • Wealth Management; and
    • Principles of Sustainable Spending.


  • Provide a natural outlet for the expression of the family story, the lessons learned along the way, as well as the virtues and the values which have proven instrumental in contributing to the family’s success;


  • Foster a deepened connection amongst family members while encouraging meaningful conversation across generations;


  • Combat materialism by establish inspirational purposes for wealth beyond one’s self; and


  • Counteract complacency by awakening personalized ambitions to make a meaningful difference in the world.

If interested in using your family’s foundation for much more than just grant making, the experienced and specially trained consultants at Stewardship Counsel would be privileged to help. Our initial time to further explore your family’s unique situation is always complimentary.


Stewardship Counsel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 81-4763230) supporting families, foundations and the professional advisory community in proactively addressing the character and relational challenges often encountered with meaningful wealth, while simultaneously establishing inspired and responsible stewards of the family legacy.


Needless to say, when intentionally undertaken, “family philanthropy” can be much more than just “giving”.


We would be privileged to share our extensive experience in this unique and highly specialized field by helping you to thoughtfully weave family philanthropy into the fabric of your family.

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