Charitable Tax Planning

Control of Wealth

Control over wealth. A complex battle with only three options . . .


Personal / Family – Family has maximum control as to how wealth is used.


Charity / Others – Within specific legal parameters, family can control how wealth is used. 


Government / TaxesFamily has little if any control on how wealth is used.

Charitable tax planning is the incorporation of various tools and strategies (set forth below) that help families maximize the control of their wealth while simultaneously minimizing their taxes.  

Tools of Charitable Tax Planning:

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Lead Trusts

Charitable Gift Annuities

Pooled Income Fund

Charitable Life Estate

Family Philanthropy

Private Foundations

Supporting Organizations

Donor Advised Funds

How can these tools help to mitigate the tax consequences of windfall income or asset sale?

Can these tools help tax efficiently transfer an estate?

What’s the difference?

When are they used?

Can any help my specific situation?

What are the associated benefits and costs of each?

What are the legal obstacles to be aware of?

Our consultative support services can help you address these questions in light of the desires, needs and assets of the client.

With material success comes additional responsibility and financial complexities not faced by most.

If done well, the wealth that has been entrusted to your management and care can positively impact your family for generations to come. If poorly done, your wealth may needlessly be lost, and/or may unintentionally destroy your family. Simply put, with consequential means, you have a lot at stake.

The common, yet complex, planning issues faced by prosperous families are:

  • Tax efficient receipt of wealth;
  • Tax efficient transfer of wealth; and the
  • Impact of the wealth on the family.


In order to maximize the continued “control” and management of your family wealth, and to counteract the commonly encountered challenges of prosperity, charitable tax planning coupled with the family’s philanthropic foundation is often incorporated into the planning mix.

Most materially successful families will involve specialists in this complex area who can collaboratively work with members of your existing legal, financial and tax team, to help efficiently explore and, when appropriate, integrate highly specialized “tools” and strategies that can be used to help you meet your income and wealth transfer goals, and family Legacy objectives.

Our charitable tax planning consultative support services are specifically designed to help all concerned to successfully navigate this highly specialized field of wealth planning.

Charitable tax planning . . .

Maximize control.

Minimize taxes.

Establish your legacy.

With our help, it can be that simple.

Our experience and resources:

We have collaboratively worked with countless families and their professional advisory team throughout the United States.

We have an intimate understanding of Community Foundations and Private Family Foundations;

We have extensive experience in this complex and highly specialized area of law, tax and finance.

We have a national network of resources which allow us to help you cost effectively explore and implement the solution that is right for you and your situation.

We have nothing to sell.
We have a lot to share.

Who we Serve


Financial Institutions

Trust Companies


Family Offices


Financial Advisors


How we consultatively serve:

Help families, and their professional advisory team, explore their charitable tax planning options.

Oversee implementation and facilitation of the charitable tax plan.

Ongoing compliance and operation of the family’s foundation or other charitable tax planning tool.