Collaboratively Helping Families Successfully Transfer
Their Wealth & Legacy Through the Generations


When managed well, family wealth can be a blessing. Unfortunately, as is commonly encountered, family wealth can also be a curse if not properly planned for, or if the recipient is not adequately prepared to receive.

To assist families and advisors address these frequently encountered concerns, Stewardship Counsel was founded. Stewardship Counsel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 81-4763230) supporting families, foundations and the professional advisory community in proactively addressing the character and relational challenges often encountered with meaningful wealth, while simultaneously establishing inspired and responsible stewards of the family legacy.





the responsible stewardship
of your family wealth

  • Personalized Estate Design
  • Charitable Tax Planning
  • Family Foundations
  • Pooled Income Fund


your personal & family legacy

  • Letter of Wishes / Legacy Letter
  • Family Heritage Planning


your family, your community
our world

  • Mentoring of Heirs
  • Family Legacy Curation
  • Family Philanthropy
  • Family Leadership Succession
  • Multigeneration Wealth Preparation
  • Family Leadership / Governance
  • Family Conciliation